Monday, September 21, 2009

What I did this weekend..

Here are some things that kept me entertained
Helped Mom make some chocolate chip cookies
Got to hang out with my bud's Noah & Isaac. We played in my car

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner Saturday night of ribs, sweet potato fries, and Texas rolls smeared with jam... I had to be hosed off in the kitchen sink!

Oh... and Mom painted my toes. We are twinners. No Dad was NOT happy!

It was a good weekend

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crafts, Crafts, and more Crafts!

So my life has been taken over by crafts this week! I never thought I would actually say this, but I am kind of sick of going to Hobby Lobby! (that's really nuts because I am an absolute ADDICT) But it's true. I have been there like twice a day EVERY day this week. Ridiculous. I am on the Enrichment committee at church and I am in charge of our SUPER SATURDAY next month and I had to have my examples ready for tomorrow. It has been a ton of work, but I am really excited! But before I show you how cute they turned out I have a picture of my buddy and I, he is my little helper and has put up with all my craziness this week, he's the best! Then I have some pictures of some Furniture Face lifts I did. Here you go..

So I bought this hutch for 50 bucks at the Goodwill and gave it a nice little face lift a few weeks ago! I think it turned out pretty cute. It didnt have any front doors on it so I put in chicken wire. Now I just have to get it DECORATED! Dang it, hate when I have to do more decorating :) It's going in my front room that we are just getting around to furnishing. When I get it all done I will post some pics! (Thanks to my hubby for doing the chicken wire & Bree for helping me paint the beast)

Then I had this mirror hanging in my entry way and I hated it. To modern for my liking. So I bought a can of crackle spray paint (my new best friend) and gave it some nice coats.. and tah da.. LOVE it! I feel a lot more crackle projects coming on!

Now here are our cute SUPER SATURDAY crafts! I wish I could say I thought of them all on my own, but I didn't! Thanks to the wonderful fellow bloggers out there who gave me the ideas..

Year around Calender
Autumn Sign
Future Missionary Board

Halloween Glass Block

Now to all my ward sisters, sign up!! Its going to be fun!

Oh and PS.. I had lots of compliments on my hair last post.. Thank You!! But a lot asked where I got it done and I never responded. I got it done at ORANGE salon in Gilbert, Kim J did it and she really is phenomenal.