Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mexico.. Rocky Point Style

This weekend we went with some family's from our ward camping to Rocky Point. It only took us 3 1/2 hours from our house and it was a blast! It was the Harley Biker Rally so we got to hear motorcycles all night and party's till 5 am but it comes with the experience. We loved it! We played on the beach all day, Austin snorkeled and speared fish, we ate AMAZING tacos, sat around the camp fire at night and got to hang out with great friends.
Dax got a henna tat because I cant say no to the vendors

The boys loved the warm water and couldn't get enough

I dont ever want to look like this

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

This year our family was the Grease theme! Good ol Danny and Sandy and our little greaser
Austin and I ditched Daxey boy Friday night and went to Trent and Char's Party, it was a lot of fun! Here is Bree (she was a bumble bee and Bryce was a Sunflower) Charde and I

Saturday we had a BBQ with some friends, Austin made some killer ribs! Then we took Dax with his favorite group of Boys trick or treating. It was a blast

He got his momma's sweet tooth

Oh and I forgot to post this awesome picture! Last week for our ward Trunk-or-Treat Austin had a work party so I was husbandless and Dana also was husbandless do to work, so Brooke had the amazing idea to go as Polygamists! We used Spence as the dirty ol husband and all our kids together was perfect! We picked up the Beaut of dresses from the GoodWill. If you want to borrow mine just ask.
The best part of the night was Spencer made us go walk through Wal Mart after the party! People couldn't stop staring and the looks of disgust were enough to make my ribs hurt from laughing. Oh what we do for entertainment :)