Monday, June 29, 2009

Where does he learn this?

So are we boring or is he just a deep thinker? Who knows but its so stinking cute...
Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Saturday thoughts!

I paid 11.50 for a movie last night (ridiculous California prices) but every penny was worth it! Bree and I tucked our husbands into bed last night then went and saw the late night showing of My Sisters Keeper. It was so good, don't get me wrong we bawled through the whole entire movie (Bree trying to choke down sobs to remain quiet) but so good! I read the book then made Bree read it and we both loved it. Cancer is such an UGLY thing. I have lost a few people close to me to the horrible thing and its terrible! I know I don't understand the reasons why but I am glad I don't have to. This movie really made me think how grateful I am for the plan of salvation and that I was sealed to my family for eternity. What happens here on earth is just our trial period,to be tested, and some people have to endure way harder ones then others but its just a small price, a tiny grain of sand on an endless beach of how great Eternity will be like after this earth. We are so lucky to know what happens after we leave this place. I know I want all the time I can here on this earth, I love my chocolate and slurpees and golden spoon (don't know if those are available to us up there) But I know when the time comes that I have to go or I have to see any of my loved ones go, its ok. Its all in the plan, and we will be together again. If your not lucky enough to have this in your life already, let me know. Ill get you in touch with a great set of men that can sit down with you and tell you all about this great plan and how you too can have this great gift.
SO if you girls haven't seen this movie already, get a box of tissues a great girlfriend and go see it! Its good! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Road Trip

For fathers day we did a complete surprise trip to Arizona to surprise Brian for Fathers Day. We didn't tell anyone we were coming and Austin, Dax, me, Bryce and Bree jumped in the car Saturday after the boys worked and drove home! When we got there we put Dax on the door step rang the doorbell and went back to the car. Brian opened the door and saw Daxey boy sitting there looking up at him. It was Perfect! We had such a fun weekend hanging out with the family. The boys took off Sunday night for work but Bree and I stayed a few extra days and played a little bit. Did some shopping at HOBBY LOBBY which we have missed terribly! Picked up some stuff at SAS for some projects to keep us busy. Got our hair done. Went home to our beautiful homes and took in all we could! And Monday night grandpa watched Dax for us so all of us girls went to the movies and saw The Proposal. We LAUGHED so dang hard we worked off every kernel of popcorn we ate. I cant wait to see it again!! And we drove back to SD Tuesday night. It was a fun little road trip! Just missing Kendall!

SO.. one of the best part of the trips was on our way back we stopped at Jack in the Box in none other then good ol YUMA for dinner. We ordered our food and the very nice lady asked for our names so she could call us when it was ready, we gave her our names she read them back to us as she wrote them down and we went and sat down. Sure enough I go up to get our food when I saw it come up and I am just in time to hear her yell out.... BREN, AHSHANT... We were rolling on the floor laughing! But no big deal.. Bree-Bren, Ashtyn-Ashant... same diff!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Buds

We went and got the babies pictures taken and they turned out so stinking darling I just had to share. I think they are the cutest aunt and nephew ever!! My mom and I were the laughing Utah joke when she was pregnant at my wedding, but it couldn't be more fun raising these babies together!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Seriously, could the Bachelorette get any better??

ReAL soccer game & David Archuleta!

On Saturday we had tickets to the ReAL game (its Utah's professional soccer team) and David Archi was doing a charity for the troops so he sang the National Anthem and then after the game did a little concert. It was a BLAST! We got to leave babies home with a babysitter and my mom and I took my little sisters, some of there friends and my brother, and the girls just about passed out! They are in LOVE with David, they were screaming and singing, it was so great. He really is a darling kid. The game was so fun to watch and I forgot how fun it is to go to a concert!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bling toes!!!

Two of my sisters Birthdays are in May and since I am completely Lame-O it took me till June to get them out for there B-days, but we went and got Edward toes! My aunt does the gel glitter toes and it is so awesome! They are so darling, come in any color and they are done with the acrylic so they last for like 6 weeks! You cant see great in the pics but in the sun they glitter like crazy and are so BLING, I LOVE it!! We had a fun day.
Lexi got tiger stripes, Haylee got a peace sign and I just got plain
And to my baby BOY... HaPpY 10 mOnThs today!!!

Our little Daxey is getting so big. I cant believe I had him 10 months ago! He is getting such a little atti-TUDE!! (I take full blame for that, from my Stringam side :) and is so stubborn ( like his daddy) but so dang cute and so much FUN! He is so sweet and loves to snuggle, give me huge open mouth kisses, plays with my hair, and always makes me smile. Definite momma's boy and I cant say I don't LOVE it! :) We love this boy so much and are so thankful for him.

P.S- little advertisement for my auntie.. anyone in Utah who want some glitter toes done let me know and I can get you in touch. She only charges $15 and she does party's, (bachelorette,b-day whatever) and she does the host for free. Such a FUN girls night!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We got to see DADDY!

Dax and I flew to San Diego this week to see Austin. It was SO GREAT! It seemed like it took so long to come then of course went so fast! But it was so great to be all together again. Dax just loves his daddy and Austin just missed him so much, it was so cute to see them together again. We had nice weather at the beginning of our trip for a few days, then it rained the rest of the week. Oh well we didn't fly down for the beach we went to see our daddy and we soaked up every second we got of him! Went to lunch lots of days and just played! Why he was working we hung out with my sissy in law Bree and we had a blast. We went to Golden Spoon EVERY day I was there. (They have this new flavor right now, island coconut and I got that with milk chocolate.... HEAVEN! Have to try it) We made some really cute skirts, of course didn't get any pictures of them but you can check them out on Bree's blog! :)
Handsome boys!
Uncle Bryce and Aus sure caught a cute one!

My mom and Brynn picked us up from the Airport and it was the CUTEST thing in the world when these two saw each other. They hugged and were laughing and were so happy. They just LOVE each other. Then they held hands ALL the way home! Too cute

Now Rewind to 2 weeks ago....
I have been so CRAZY since I got to Utah. Apparently when you have lots of kids May is the busiest time of year. Even more so than December (according to the mom that chatted me up while I worked the school bake sale) So I arrived smack in the middle of May and got all the craziness of it!! But my mom is doing it alone and I don't know how she does it alone because we were both were running from sun up to sun down.. carpooling, baseball game, soccer game, carpooling, baking, school carnival,carpooling, dance recitals, softball games... I could go on. I am just glad I was here to help but holy moly I don't know if I am ever going to be ready to have 5 children!! Here are some pics from our crazy 2 weeks...
School carnival- Bryn babysitting Dax while I worked the bake sale

Seriously where is this kids mother?

We did get a day to hang out with my cute sis Alexis

Hanging out with Grandpa at Lexis softball game

And through this craziness of the last 3 weeks this has been my sweet boy....
Thanks to his 2 top teeth coming in. I love teething time.