Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Weekend...

So looking at this picture I can't believe how big Daxten is getting!!! (I know I say it all the time) but just from seeing it from this view, he looks so big! Dang it I love this kid!
We went to the mall and took Dax to the animal store and let him play with the puppies, he loved it! They licked his toes and jumped up on him and he thought it was the greatest. Dad says we will NEVER own a dog (due to traumatic memories from a childhood lab that humped him growing up) I say give it a few years, he wont be able to resist his little boy begging for a puppy....
Great view of his 2 teeth!

Like Father Like Son!!
The love for RIBS

P.S Slumdog Millionaire finally came out on our clearplay so we were able to see what all the hype was about.... SO GOOD!! Everyone was not lying, what a great Movie. We loved it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today at the Clarks..

So today started out like any other day... I woke up to my darling little stud pounding away on my face and poking at my eyes to wake me up to play with him. After I pulled myself from sleep I got up to play but I proceeded to the floor to change the horrible stench coming from his diaper. I changed him then lifted him up onto the bed to play with dad, when I felt something in my neck pop! I stood up and screamed out with pain. I had horrible horrible neck cramps! Austin asked if I was ok and all I could say is, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME TODAY!? So Austin and I had some good laughs because every time I would turn my neck I would holler out then Austin took off and headed to school and Daxey and me continued on with our day... when it all got WORSE! My neck tensed up so bad every time I would move it put me in tears and I couldn't even think of picking Dax up( who was screaming on the floor to be picked up). So when I called my sweet husband what he heard on the other line was his wife crying in pain and his son crying because his mom was crying and wouldn't pick him up. What a mess. So like an amazing husband he is he rushed home to save his paralyzed wifey. I couldn't even brush my hair when he hauled me off to mesa to the Chiropractor. Turns out that my pelvis was out, hips, elbows, wrist, oh and not to mention my two vertebraes were out in my neck!!! Let me tell you, I think it was worse than contractions during labor and worse than my pains after my back surgery! What was all this from you ask? oh well lets rewind a little bit to last week when I was walking down my stairs (like I do 20-30 times a day) when I just missed a step and fell and it whipped me back but I caught myself before I hurled down the stairs. I got up and surprised myself I wasn't hurt. Little did I know a week later it would be set off by the simple movement of lifting my fat son onto the bed! He told me whip lash can have a delayed reaction and it was just that little strain to set it all off. So the doc put me all back into place and told me to ice my neck every hour because it will be swollen for a few days from tensing up so bad. So to make me happy by sweet hubby took me to Costa Vida and then home before returning back to school. So... I know what you are thinking what did poor Dax do all day while his poor gimp mom laid on the couch icing her stupid neck? Well let me tell you... don't fill bad for him, he just helped himself around the house and did a whole bunch of naughty things! Dumped out the movie drawer, tried every angle to stick his finger into the electrical socket, emptied my kitchen cabinet, unraveled a role of toilet paper, emptied the toy box and several more.... here is just a few pics I snapped.What a day. Well I guess now that he can crawl... HERE COMES THE NAUGHTY TIMES!!!

Oh and don't feel bad for me, tonight to reward me for my horrific day I made myself a gigantic chocolate cookie and ice cream! Nothing makes me happier than crap! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday!

Dax with his 1st Easter Basket! He was so excited to get new shoes from the Easter bunny!
She thought she looked super cute in her Easter dress!

For dinner we all went over to Brian and Delights and had a yummy feast! It was such a gorgeous day so we had a picnic out on the front lawn. My Moms fam is in town from Utah and its so fun because Austin's and my family have got pretty close since we got married so we get the best of both worlds and get to hang out with both our fam's for some holidays.Its so great! It was such a fun day.
Dax loved sitting and playing with grandpa. Even when he fell asleep he didn't leave his side! :)

Here is a pic of some of our items for dinner. Delight made this AMAZING 16 layer J-E-L-L-O! It was a total hit and the best jello anyone had ever had! I told her I had to take a pic of it because it was defiantly blog worthy! Same thing with the creme brule in the cute little Easter eggs that Hayden made. Good job guys, dinner was amazing!

Hope Everyone had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 8 months my baby boy!!

Today Daxten is 8 months, I cant believe how fast time goes by! He is getting so big and his personality just gets bigger everyday. He never fails to make us laugh and he is the sunshine in our family. Last night Me and my mother-in-law Delight and sissy-in-law Bree went to dinner while our men went to priesthood. Dax was completely turned around in his high chair just patiently waiting for the attention of the people sitting at the table behind us. As soon as he caught there attention he was laughing and smiling and totally flirting! Then they would go back to there dinner and he would just wait till they would turn around again. It was so funny. He had the whole restaurant laughing. He is such a ham!! We love him so dang much. Here is what he has been up to lately...

Growing his 1st tooth!
Learning to crawl and pull himself up

Loves catching a ride on daddy's shoulders!

Thinks he is to big now to "sit" in the stroller

LOVES DRIVING! He knows just what to do and he leans over and turns the radio up. SO dang funny.