Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wynn Family Reunion

Last weekend we had our Wynn family reunion (my grandmas side of the family) up in Ashton Idaho. We decided to do our immediate family reunion and the extended family reunion all together. So we drove up to Idaho Falls on Thursday and came home on Sunday. We stayed right on the river across from the temple in Idaho Falls and it was so gorgeous. We had a BLAST! I am so lucky to come from such a great family and I love when everyone is together. The cousins had so much fun just playing playing nonstop all weekend. Dax thought he was so big following all his big cousins around. Cant wait till next years...
Could these boys be any cuter?

We got up and went to Ashton on Friday for our big family reunion. What GORGEOUS country. Each of the different families had to wear a certain color so everyone knew what family we were from. Our family wore green and we looked like a big St. Patricks day parade! But we sure had fun. We visited with everyone played a big game of softball and floated the snake river, (which is tradition)! Then we ate at the famous Big Judds burger shop the BEST and ONLY burger joint in Ashton then drove back to ID falls. Another great reunion to add to the the books..

Uncle Troy swimming with Daxey boy

Dax on the drive home.. absolutely POOPED!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carnival Fun

My favorite thing about Utah in the summer is all the little "town days" where its a week long celebration with cheesy activities all week, a nasty carnival with lots of gross food, a parade, fireworks... and lots of fun! I love it! I think it takes me back to a little girl and its more of a tradition then it actually being a spectacular event! :) So I was sad because I thought I missed most of them while we were in San Diego but low and behold we didn't!! So I took my little man to experience the Steel Days Carnival! Daxten and Brynlee had so much fun riding all the rides and I just loved watching! There was so much going on Dax was just in heaven. It was so much better taking my boy then I even remember as a little girl!

I love this picture because it shows exactly how Dax was the whole time... completely over stimulated! I was trying to get his attention and it was not happening!

Me and Dax with My darling sister Maddi on the Ferris wheel

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We love Summer!

POOL DAY!! Today we took the kids to this great pool and had so much fun! Dax is such a water bug and completely fearless! Full face plants into the water.. he is a fish! So we are having this great day.. Dax is over playing with some babies in the fountains and all of a sudden I see this kid on top of my baby double fisting him punching him over and over and over! Its really funny how fast your mother protective instincts kick in because I am not even a violent person and I wanted to drop kick this kid and then drown him in the freaking pool! I couldn't believe how mean this little boy was! He had him pinned on this downward slope so Dax couldn't even get up just pounding away on him and I was rushing over just helpless, it was HORRIBLE! Needless to say Dax was completely traumatized and screamed for quite a while! He has some little battle wounds some scratches on his neck and face, but he is ok! And all the mother had to say was "Sorry, my son is not a very nice kid." Seriously? THEN TEACH HIM!! So warning to the little 2 year old bully.. touch my kid again and your going to get hurt!

So tried to get a cousin pic with all these cute boys.. this is the best I could get! :)

This was on Sunday the day we got back to Utah, I just couldn't resist....

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July

Well I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!! Our little family sure did. We had a relaxing day. Went and had a bbq, swam and baked in the sun, had a nice long nap, great dinner then headed to the park to wait for fireworks. We had a blast just waiting and hanging out on our blanket.. eating! Bryce and Bree were there with us so of course it was fun! Never in my life have I ever been cold watching fireworks until this year. Usually you are sweating profusely! We had sweatshirts and we had to put the blanket over our toes. Crazy Cali humidity and chill.But the fireworks were great the little that we saw, Austin and I enjoyed watching Dax this year WAY more then watching the actual fireworks. He was HILARIOUS. They would go off and he would say "OHH ... YA..OHH" OH....YA...OHH" so dang cute. He loved them!
This was the first picture I got when the first one went off

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ok I have been Awarded...

My darling sister in-law Bree tagged me for this award so I am going to give you a little more of a sneaky peek into my life... 7 things you may or may not know about me!! Here we go...

1. I used to show horses growing up. Yes.. boots, cowboy hat, chaps, wranglers the REAL deal! I did the AQHA horse shows along with 4H. I was a freaking COWGIRL BABY!! My favorite horse was just by great coincidence named Delight!! (Little did I know I was riding my future mother in-laws name) I love you Momma-D... BOTH OF YOU.

2. I have an extended butt crack thanks to a back surgery done my senior year of high school! I have a pretty good 5 inch scar up my back. I have a hereditary condition that runs in my family of bad backs. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease when I was 10. It is where my bones in my back grew to quickly, so my discs are not how they are supposed to be. I played softball and was very active and by my senior year the pain was just to bad and I was sick of being drugged all the time so they went ahead and did a fusion of my 2 discs. I was the youngest patient they had ever done one on. So instead of enjoying my senior year I had a walker, yes like the one your grandma has. And my mom stuck a roll of toilet paper in the front so when I went to the bathroom I didn't have to turn around to get my toilet paper! Yes Awesome!!

3. One of my biggest flaws or biggest attributes depending on how you take it is that I am a very honest person, very open and I tell you how it is. I am not very good at sugar coating things and I will tell you whats on my mind. I am very opinionated and always think I am right (that is defiantly my flaw and I am working on it, just ask my hubby :) I am the friend who will tell you if you look fat or if you hurt my feelings, or if your doing something stupid. I come off strong sometimes and if I have ever rubbed you the wrong way I am very sorry, not my intentions, I would just rather be real than ever be able to be accused of being fake.

4. My biggest Pet-Peeve is when someone tells you they are going to do something... then don't! I would rather you just not tell me then you tell me and not do it.

5. Austin and I met on a blind date.. (thanks Trent and Char) on December 1st, a year to the day Austin came home from his mission. That night we did a double date, stayed home and we cooked the boys dinner, did Christmas lights at the Zoo, then stayed up ALL night talking. I called my best friend Jenn the next day (of course to give her the complete low down and every detail of my date) and I told her that this amazing guy Austin was going to be able to tell everyone that he met his wife exactly 1 year after he got home from his mission!! :)

6. I love my TREATS!! I love my chocolate and cookies and brownies. I have the worst habit that after every meal I have to eat something sweet, even if it is a little chocolate chip... bad bad habit! It is finally catching up with me, thanks to my Daxten who I gained like 60 pounds with! (a brownie and Slurpee every day, along with everything chocolate in reach the last 3 months of being pregnant will do that to you) now I am working my butt off working out to eat what I want, and that's ok! No matter what.. I will never stop eating my treats!

7. Ok what I am about to tell you stays within the walls of blog world! I had 2 best friends named Dianne and Linda.. to others they were invisible!! Yes I had imaginary friends. They went everywhere with us. I called my mom to ask her about them while I was typing this and she got frustrated just telling me about all she did for them.. open car doors, waited for them in the grocery store, buckled there seat belts and even had to ask them if it was ok for what we did that day. Then one day at the age of 5 I informed her that they died, traumatically fell down the stairs and that was the last day we spoke of Dianne and Linda. My shrink tells me I was a lonely child.....

I am passing this award/tag along to
1. Jenn
2. Char
3. Leesa
4. Ruthann
5. Brooke
6. Joy
7. Denyse

And do it.. its fun to talk about yourself! :)