Thursday, June 24, 2010

No More Two Boys & A lonely Girl!!

Its a GIRL!!!!!

Can you believe it?? We can't!! We broke the Clark Family curse! For those of you that don't know, this is the 1st girl after 5 amazing boys and 2 boy grand baby's! We are so thrilled and are so excited to meet our little Girl!! We didn't know if it was possible to ever say those words :) Bring on the tutu's, barbies,painted toes, dollies, bows and PINK!! Yes!!!!!

Our Celebration

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Im a big kid Now.... Almost

Or so he thinks he is a big kid now. Let me tell you the story. So Dax has been FASCINATED with the toilet the last few weeks. Anytime you go he has to watch, he loves to flush, stick things in it, get naked and climb up on it, do all the things that makes it harder for mom. So Sunday I go to change his bum and he gets up and runs off . Off to the toilet...its become routine. After a few minutes of him being silent I sent Austin in to check on him (after 2 minutes of him being quite is never good) and the kid had ALL BY HIMSELF climbed up and went #2!! So dang proud but not quite sure if I am ready! Well I guess I should take this summer and just knock out potty training by the time the baby comes... maybe :)

Speaking of Baby, here is our little peanut! I went to the Dr last week and everything looked great! I was measuring a few days big which is fabulous. He/She was moving all over and kicking and punching. It was the best. I also pooched out this week. Defiantly have a baby bump. It seems to early. Ready or not.. here it comes!

Here are some more pics of Daxey boy to show you what he has been up to

2 words- CARTOON JUNKIE! First thing in the morning instead of crawling in bed with us anymore he runs out and turns the TV on. He can sit this way for hours unless I turn it off. Little stinker.

Well Dax and I are flying off to Utah tomorrow. I am running the Wasatch Ragnar..wish me luck, I need it!! I signed up last summer with my mom and aunts and was so pumped and ready to go, then got pregnant and sick and stopped running for a while- and I am struggling! If I don't blog about it in about 2 weeks.. I died doing it. :)

Have a great week!