Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fun

We found the best Fall Festival Ever! And it happened to be right around the corner from us! Cox Farm is 60 acres of fall heaven! For $9 we got a hayride, rode tractors, milked cows, enjoyed the petting zoo, did "farm chores", rode all there HUGE slides, got there to die for apple cider and kettle corn, enjoyed live music, picked pumpkins and just had a blast!! Excuse my overload of pictures, we had so much fun!

Dax and Dad on the hay ride

Dax DROOLING over all the tractors

Oh Bless her heart! Don't you nursing mommy's feel like this sometimes?? Well, when you feel like complaining just think of dear Ms. Piggy here, it could be worse! :)

I don't know who is having more fun

I was a Happy Camper

There free apple cider shacks

Is that not the cutest barn ever? I was in love. There were animals all the way through then upstairs was a huge slide that took you outside

Learning to milk cows

Picking out there pumpkin! In case you are wondering.. our new pumpkin weighs 74 pounds!! It is awesome! Austin can't wait to carve it. We just have to find enough room to get it home!

It was a GREAT day!! Fall is my favorite!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh hello!

Oh Hi.. yes we are still alive and well! :) I have been stinking it up in the blogging world. But see this little boy.. he keeps me busy. He is so dang funny, and naughty and the best little boy. I have really been trying to just enjoy him while its just him and I in the day before this little girl comes. We have had lots of fun and I just don't think I could love him anymore! We are enjoying some BEAUTIFUL fall weather here in Va.. its in the 50's!! Pants and sweatshirts and blankets.I love it! I will miss it.
"Baby Sissy" (what Daxey boy calls her,and all of us because she still has no name) is doing great! I am 30 weeks and feeling fabulous. I cant believe she will be here before we know it! Dax loves telling me where baby sissy is (In case I forget) and points and kisses my belly. Pretty dang cute. He is going to be an awesome big brother. If we can keep the body slamming to a minimum.
Next Tuesday Dax and I fly home and Austin will follow on Thursday.. So excited!! I really need some Costa Vida and Golden Spoon, oh man have I been craving ALL SUMMER! MMM get in my belly! Oh and I cant wait to see our family and friends! I am pregnant.. priorities get all crazy :) AND my HOUSE! Oh dear I cant wait to be home in our house!!