Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend.. DC style!

Oh we had a fun weekend! It started on Saturday morning Charde and I took the babies to the Parade. Then that night we did fireworks at home with daddy. On Sunday we took advantage of being close to DC and we went to the 30th annual capitol concert! Let me just start by saying it was the hottest day of year so far... it was HOT HOT HOT! We got a hotel with the Overson's downtown just 6 blocks from the Capitol so we could give the babies a nap and get them to bed after fireworks instead of being stuck in traffic. SO GLAD we did. Charde and I decided to leave the boys in the hotel for naps and we would go get in line at the capitol. We waited in the line and when the doors opened at 3 we raced in and got front row seats on the lawn! AMAZING! Since we were there ALL DAY(sweating profusely) we got to see all the stars come out and warm up and they were so close! It was extremely scolding hot but it was so fun! Reba McEntire, David Archuletta, Darius Rucker and a few more played, they had the national bands playing and it was just a HOOT. We felt so patriotic! Then they let the fireworks off over the National Monument. Pretty dang cool experience. I don't think we will ever do it again, but so glad we did it!
Dax waved to everyone in the Parade. He loved it.

Ice cream and fireworks. Nothing better.

Thats Darius Rucker behind us warming up

That would be Reba McEntire waving at us!


Hope everyone had a GREAT 4th of July!!