Monday, January 25, 2010

Today Was A Good Day...

Dax only dug through the trash twice today to find a snack
An after Breakfast treat.. a cinnamon bun dad had thrown away earlier that morning

And a pre dinner snack of the last few drops of Sweet Baby Rays.
What can I say... my kid doesn't like to waste food!

Went to Costco and the grocery store and ONLY had ONE melt down tantrum

And didn't have to pick up one accident in the house from this little Princess!
Today was a good day.. someone was Rooting for me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clark Family Amazing Race!

Dad & Mom Clark gave us for Christmas this year a ticket into the 1st EVER Clark family Amazing Race!(Like the show) It was an adventure and we made lots of fun memories. We started in Strawberry at the Cabin and it only went uphill from there! We got an envelope of money to get us through the day and at each stop we got a clue to get us to the next stop and the first team to the finish line wins! Well kinda... We had some discrepancies in the game (it was the first year we learned a lot) so at the end of the day we tied and split the prizes.. but it was so fun! It was a hoot to see sibling rivalry arise!
Team Orange: Mitch, Sadie,Austin, Dax Ashtyn
Team Blue: Bryce, Bree and Hayden

The envelopes and clues

We got some help from the Flagstaff Finest ( After he gave us a warning for Austins high speed) A nice escort to our next stop... Louie the Lumberjack!

Next stop was Bedrock city( about 50 miles north of Flagstaff) Dax loved it! We had to take a picture in front of Fred and Wilma's house and slide down Dino's tail (Huge dinosaur slide)
The final stop was the first one to check into our hotel. It was right on the Grand Canyon!

We got there in time to tour the rim

We had dinner that night and got up the next morning to this....

Snow! We couldn't even see the Grand Canyon it was a white out! So we had a really yummy breakfast and headed out. We stopped and saw the Imax GC movie then headed home. It was a really fun weekend and Delight did an AMAZING job putting it all together. Thanks again guys!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Utah Trip

After Christmas we drove up to Utah to see my family and like always had a great time. Besides the fact it was absolutely freezing! I love to visit the snow but am reminded quickly why we live in Arizona!

Grandpa and Dax

My dad took Austin and Dax out sledding behind his razor. They had a blast. Dax didn't know quite what to think of the snow

And grandpa spoiled him to the max and gave him whatever he wanted!

He got him this sweet little jeep for Christmas. We couldn't use it outside till we got back to Az. He loves it!

We spent a few days with my mom and got to spend New Years and celebrate her birthday with them. Dax and Bryn fought like brother and sister this trip. It was pretty funny. I bet they will go through stages of liking each other.. then not so much

On the way home we stopped in Manti and stayed with Austin's Uncle & Aunt. This picture isn't very good but we came over the hill at sunset and the temple was sitting there on the hill.. it was breathtaking, it is such a beautiful temple! We had such a fun time with them, they have the cutest little farm.

It was a good trip and Sadie the little lady did great in the car :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas 09'

We spent Christmas with the Clark's this year and it was a GREAT Christmas! We had a lot of fun with the family and we were only missing our Kendall (serving a mission in Chile) who got to call home and talk to all of us Christmas morning which made it even more great!

Our festivities started the night before Christmas eve, we all went to dinner then went to the temple lights

Christmas Eve we had the Clark's traditional Eve dinner, which is amazing... its candlelight with Delight's beautiful china. But the best part is everyone gets to choose what they want for dinner. It didn't get to crazy this year but in the years past with the boys growing up there has been some crazy requests.. just chocolate milk, crunch berries with only the berries, McDonald's and the list goes on, so fun! This year there was crab legs, steak, and brisket, and all the sides and it was FABULOUS!! Here are my boys grubbing on some crab legs

Everyone got to open one present after dinner and Grandpa gave Dax his rocking horse.. which he loved! It Winne's and moves. Pretty dang cute

Christmas morning

Austin COMPLETELY SURPRISED me and got me this darling little girl, our newest addition to the family. Anyone who knows Austin knows this was an amazing gift. I wanted a puppy really bad and he hates dogs and said we would NEVER have one. So I gave up. Then Christmas morning I unwrap a bone and some dog food then they bring me in this little thing. My husband is the best!

Our new little lady. We are in love

Dax adores her and she had to ride in his seat with him all the way up to Utah.. where he got a full 2nd Christmas with my parents. Where he got spoiled some more! Stay tuned for some more pics! :)

Hope everyone had a Marvelous Holiday Season!