Monday, March 30, 2009


So I am pretty good about sharing stuff. (Was not the greatest growing up but getting better now that I am married and have a baby) But... I HATE sharing my treats. Always have Always will! Like, lets say when Austin and I go out to dinner and we get dessert and I get a better one then him (which always happens because I am a better food picker outer than him) I will always give him a little bite because I am not horribly rude but when he comes back for a 2nd Forget about it! I DON'T want to share with him! K listen might sound selfish... but I share EVERYTHING else with him HAPPILY but when it comes to my treats I don't want to share! So today I went to Target and had a marvelous day looking and shopping around and of course I had to pick myself up a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. (My stock just ran out yesterday.) These are my favorite! I look forward to them 10 months out of the year because they only come out for my pleasure at Easter. So I am driving home and have to bust some out. Dax was just back in his carseat hanging out playing with his toys. I thought great! I can sneak them he wont even have to know and then I wont have to share. WRONG!! I very discretely put one in my mouth and he was whining for some!! haha so I had my stupid selfish moment then gave him the one I was eating. (They have a hard shell so I had to bird feed him.) As he was enjoying MY mini egg I had the greatest light bulb go off in my head! I had that amazing soft moist chocolate taste in my mouth still and I was like this is the best, I can put them in my mouth and have the amazing mouth orgasm then give it to my Daxey to swallow and get all the CALORIES!! Hello.. can you say great! So I found out 2 great things today that made me happy. I don't mind sharing my treats with my son and 2 I don't feel guilty about getting fat off my mini eggs! :)

Now I am going to go watch my FAVORITE GIRL Ellen and its 3:34! I got DVR today and I am so excited I cant even stand it. I get to go watch it from the beginning and not even watch ANY commercials! This Day is great

Friday, March 27, 2009

Austin and I went on a trip alone to Cancun. I left my baby for 6 days! (I know I might think I was a bad mom too.) I cried my whole first night away. Ok crying doesn't cut it, full on blown break down!!(sobbing)Poor Austin. It was VERY hard. But it was so much fun to have uninterrupted time with my hubby! No phone, no work, no school, no crying baby, no family just us! I think its so important to take time away to reconnect with your spouse. And since I am not going to see my hubby pretty much ALL summer we decided to take our little splurge vacation before this summer and enjoy just us. Here are some pics...

Do you think he looks relaxed?

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort (which we have found out is the only way to do it anymore) so we drank pina colada's all week like they were water! SO GOOD. This is Austins last one before we went to the airport. Sad day for him

We did the greatest excursion ever on our last day. And if anyone ever goes to Cancun you have to do this!! 1st you do 12 zip lines through the jungle which was SO FUN and SCARY all at the same time. It only took me 2 times of flying backwards and knocking over the worker on the platform for me to get the hang of it!

After Ziplining we mountain biked into this place......

It was this sink hole that was just breathtaking! I felt like I was in a movie! That's Austin showing you how to zip line in style into the water :) It was a great time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Jack Jack, Dax Dax??

So everywhere I go I get told that Dax looks just like Jack Jack from the Incredibles. Today I was shopping and the sales lady that was helping me couldn't stop laughing because she said she was ready for Dax to get up out of his stroller and shoot some super powers at her. She called everyone over to show them that it was jack jack. So I had to come home and look it up because its been forever since I have seen the movie and Austin and I couldn't stop laughing! It does look like him!! What do ya think?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Another fun trip with Moxie...
We played Black Jack for hours, so much fun! Thanks to Sheldon (pest control salesman by day Black Jack dealer by night)
Dax woke up at 1 and wanted in on all the fun

On top of the Strat-O

Story of my life! Me and my husband Austin with his husband Phil :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick trip to Utah

On Friday we flew up to Utah to baptize my little brother Ethan. As most of you know his dad passed away last year and when my Mom asked him who he wanted to baptize him without skipping a beat he wanted Austin! He did a great job baptizing and the conformation was incredible. It was a really special day and Austin was so honored to do it. The power of the priesthood is so amazing and I am so grateful my husband honors it and is able to exercise it. I love our church and our newest member to it, Congrats Ethan!
Dax got his own seat on the plane!Good looking boys!

Sunday night we did Fondu, SO good, as you can see on Bryn's face!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The last rose.. then another

So what do you say about last night? There is just to much to even begin! Poor Melissa, stupid Molly, Jason your a pig... All I do have to say is I loved every DRAMA filled second of our finale + after the rose breakup and beg for bug eyes back. I just want to thank all you girls who came to my little party! It was so fun to sweat, hold your breath, bite your nails, dissect every detail, laugh, scream and enjoy with you girls! I wish I would of had a picture taken of us because it was priceless!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This week was a really good week. We have been so go go go it seems since the holidays that we got a nice little week to catch our breath (before our busy March starts). We got lots of daddy time which we gobbled up! We did some lunch dates and went to the park with him. Dax is getting so fun to play with, Austin and I just have a ball with him. It seems like he never stops smiling! He is so great, I just couldn't imagine our life without him.

(promise they were clean)

Tubby Time

Last weekend we went up to Pinetop with Moxie and stayed in these darling little cabins. The boys went snowboarding and some of the ladies went antique shopping. It was a fun little over night get away. Dax found he loves to drive daddy's truck, and found an interest with his lady friends...