Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I did it!

I made my 1st rag quilt all by myself! Without the support of my amazing mother-in-law! (Well kind of, she refreshed my memory on the phone of how much fabric to use) Baby Girl now has her first blanket! Don't look to close, its not perfect.. but I think it turned out pretty cute!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink, bows, and Lace!

I am so excited to have a little girl around I can barely stand it! I love my boys SO MUCH but I need a female around to balance it out.. and so I can dress her and paint her toes and buy her dolls and barbies!! :) I have been LOVING making some girl onsies and bows. I found this old school white lace and I have been dying it different colors and I am in love! I am so excited for this little girl to get here and see these little things filled out!

I needed to see a headband on a head so Dax gladly was my model.

This little stinker also helped me make cookies today and while a batch was baking I went and did some chores.. Dax was to quiet so I went to find him.. where was he? In the kitchen on the floor eating the cookie dough. Not just some cookie dough.. HALF the bowl! Cutest Cookie Monster I ever did see! :)

Life is good and not to eventful other then making little girl stuff, going to the gym (made an oath I wouldn't gain 60 pounds like I did the 1st time) and playing with my Daxey Boy! Austin is working hard and doing great out here. We are coming home October 15th! We are VERY excited. It is really hard to be ACROSS the United States away from our home and from family and friends for this long! But we are so blessed to have the work we do so no complaining from me. This pregnancy is going AWESOME! I feel good and she moves ALL the time. I wake up in the night to full on Olympic soccer games going on in there. She has been such a stinker and wouldn't move whenever Austin tried to feel her so during one of the games the other night I woke him up and he finally got to feel her. She does have a name.. but I call her one and Austin another. So we might just have to meet her and see what fits or Austin will hopefully just give in.. whatever comes first! :) Ill post a pic soon of my growing belly, we have been really lame with the camera lately!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Happy Birthday to our Daxey Boy! Yesterday our little stud entered the official terrible twos! We had a fun day! Dad took the morning off and we partied. We opened presents in the morning and he got a new bike and helmet along with a set of rescue cars, new Thomas train, books and a few new movies. Then we went to kid heaven.. where else other then Chucke Cheese! He had a blast. We had lunch, did cupcakes and sent daddy to work. Then Dax and mom went on a date to see Toy Story 3! He made it through a whole hour! Better then I thought he might. This little boy is such a joy in our lives. We are so lucky to have him. He is so sweet and loving, but also outgoing and fun and makes us laugh all the time. We love you little Stud.. Happy Birthday!
So this totally cracked me up. He is completely OCD like his Dad and had to neatly stack all his presents into his bike compartment after he opened them. So funny!

Through all his fun activities through the day his favorite I think was popping his balloons! ALL boy!

LOVE this boy