Monday, December 21, 2009

Dax and Santa

He didn't cry.. Just not sure what to think of the man

Friday, December 18, 2009

Breathe in..Breathe out

My little boy is giving me a run for my money! I lose my patience and I yell and then feel bad. He looks at me with these big blue eyes

And says mom.. seriously RELAX !

Who could get mad at this little boy?

Well I do sometimes!! And then it breaks my heart!

He ran in today with his Burger king crown on upside down and laughing hysterical. I was busting up. And its those little moments that make up for it.He truly is

I freaking LOVE this boy! Even if I lose my patience and freak out sometimes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its No Problem Mon...

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica Mon! We went on a trip with our good friends Brooke and Spencer to this little island. It was an absolute party! We laughed non stop, played till we couldn't anymore and ate and ate and ate! Here is some (or alot) of our memories...

Trying to get some sleep..We took the red eye flight leaving at 12 on Sunday night to Atlanta and then had a layover and got to Montego Bay around 11 the next morning.
And we landed into this paradise

We did lots and lots of this
(this may be the only time he didn't have a pina colada in his hand)

And lots of this! Our resort owned this private island right across the way and it had a beach, bar, restaurant, and great snorkeling! I couldn't get my husband who is half fish out of the water. He has no fear and touched anything and everything. Here he is holding a puffer fish he hit with a rock to make it puff up

Oh I miss spending every waking second laughing with these guys!

We stayed at Sandals all inclusive so EVERYTHING was included so we took full advantage. One activity was scuba diving. We just paid a little extra for the crash course and 2 hours later they were dropping us down 30 feet. SO much fun!! This is heading out to our dive site.

Austin and I down under
We saw some HUGE sting rays on a few of our dives but this one freaked me out the most. We were swimming through this little cave and had to swim right over this thing. Its probably the same one that killed The Crocodile hunter! :)
A jelly fish that I almost smacked face first into just swimming along
So for some more activities they had this water tricycle, kayaking, hobbie cats, beach volleyball and the list goes on. But for some reason I don't have any pictures of Austin and I on them because Spence and him had this cute little thing going on.. see for yourself
Moving on..

Heading out to dinner on the island

Jamaican Olsen twins

Every night was a different theme for the after dinner entertainment. We had poker night, beach party, Jamaican night.. and this one was my favorite! It was a chocolate buffet! Hello.. I was in heaven!! But this sweet chocolate Chicky was hanging out on the end. She kept telling me to lick her because it was real chocolate. We may or may not have.

My other favorite thing we got to do was this couples massage out in the middle of the garden. AMAZING!! Here is the little hut

What a great trip!