Friday, August 28, 2009

Changes at the Clarks!

Lots of fun things have been happening at the Clark house... yes that is correct, WE ARE HOME!! We have been home for a week and it feels so good!

Dax is walking! He actually started the last week we were in San Diego but is becoming quite the pro at it since we have been home. And becoming even more efficient at getting into EVERYTHING!

Austin is back in School & not very happy about it. It has nothing to do with the fact that I made him take a picture by the door like he was 5 :)

And I CUT all my hair off!! 12 inches! I needed a long overdue change, I have had the same long hair since Jr. high. I love it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

How many times does your kid poop in the tub??

So I am going on 2x in 3 days!!!! Seriously?! Like its not bad enough to clean it out of a diaper lets add water to it, that way it makes it nice and fun to spread around the tubby toys and walls of the tub... AWESOME!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What we have been up to..

My mom and sisters and little brother are in town for the week so we have been playing! Its there last hoorah before school starts. We have done sea world, the beach a few times, the pool, park, and shopping today and swap meet tomorrow :)
This was Dax at the Shamu show.. oh oh oh ohhhh and clapping and pointing.Loved it to say the least

Mom, sissys, brother and Dax

@ Elmo 4d

hanging with Gammy at the Beach
Oh and we heard that the last hour of legoland is free, parking and everything so one day after the beach we went down at 7' o clock got everyone out both strollers go running up to the gate ( so we could get our full hour in) and the nice teenage boy working the gate said that promotion ended 3 months ago! Awesome! So with Brynlee bawling to ride the choo choo train we went to the park instead! Here is our nice attempt at Legoland.. the front gate! :)

So I broke down and cut Dax's hair, the Mohawk is back! I told everyone that I would get rid of it when he turned one, I cant do it! Everyone asked if I cut it, I didn't cut it I was growing it out so it was to long for the mohawk... but I missed it! That's how we know our little boy, he has had it since he was an hour old! ( I think its my last helpless attempt to keep him looking like my baby, he looks SO old without it!) Anyways this is what he has been up to...

Getting into Everything!!

And getting dressed up by aunt Bree and Mommy like a girl!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dax's Birthday Day!

Austin took the day off from work and we had such a FUN day together! It started off by waking up and giving Dax this new car that he LOVES and some Mego Legos, a Big Dump Truck and some new books! Then to went breakfast at Ihop...

Then we went to the BEACH

Then after the Beach Dax had lots of missed calls from everyone calling him to sing Happy Birthday. He thought it was the GREATEST and listened to the messages over and over and just laughed and laughed. Thanks everyone for calling, he LOVED it!

After a nap and playing with our new toys and taking our new car for a spin around the apartments, we had cupcakes!! Dax with no surprise, LOVED it and ate the WHOLE thing plus an ice cream cone that cousin Brennan brought over for him.

I cant believe my baby is 1!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Dax!!

We love this little boy more then words can say! He is such a ham! He makes us laugh on a daily basis and brings so much joy to our family. Dax has been an angel baby since the day he was born, he hasn't given us any problems except for nursing,He hated it, I hated it.. 6 weeks later it was over. He sleeps good, EATS like a horse, behaves good... just a STUD! So here is what he has been up to lately

  • NOT walking. Takes steps but rather would be on all 4's
  • Holds everything up to his ear like a phone
  • Says Dad, Mom, Yes, and No (Not sure if he knows the meaning of them but defiantly says them and happens to be at the right time most of the time)
  • ATTITUDE! knows what he wants and lets you know it
  • Tries to Copy everything mom and dad does
  • Has 4 teeth! 2 middle top and 2 middle bottom
  • Waves bye-bye
  • Loves emptying all of moms cupboards, drawers, trash, shelves, laundry basket, toy box and anything that he can reach!
  • Has a new obsession of climbing into things that is bigger then him. (drawers, suitcases, laundry basket)
  • He is REALLY TOUGH. If he gets hurt he cry's for 2 seconds then he is over it
  • Has tender feelings and if you cry (real or fake) he puts his head down on you and gives you loves. He is a SWEET boy!
  • Loves ALL running water.. Faucet, hose, pool..
  • Dances when music comes on (shakes his little bum)
  • Last but not least my FAVORITE, he gives the BEST kisses( open mouth) and the BEST hugs (puts his arms around you and pats your back) So dang precious and makes anything better.

LOVE you Daxey boy Happy 1st Birthday!