Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We all have bums!

So Dax's new facsination is lifting up Sadie's tail and going ewww. Ewww.
So this morning we were all laying in bed and Dax was going off over and over, eww ewww while lifting Sadies tail up. So I finally said Dax, Sadies bum isnt gross we all have bums. So I pointed to his and said you have a bum then pointed to Dads and said Dad has a bum and then to mine, so does Mommy. We all have bums and they are not ewww. He thought for a second... then patted me right on my bum and with that look of absolute disgust said Ewwwwwww!!!!! Well I tried.

This kid kills me

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He knows him

For Valentines Day Austin got me this gorgeous marble Christus. I LOVE IT! But when Dax was down for a nap the other day I put it up on the shelf in the front room. Well Dax walked past it the other day for the first time and stopped, looked up and pointed and went ohhhh.... he knew exactly who it was. My heart just beamed. Now no matter where we are in the house you go where's Jesus? And he will run in and point to him up on the shelf and say Jssus. It melts me

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What makes my world go round...

Today was a great day! Some crappy things happened that we had to take care of that probably should of put me in a really bad mood, but it didn't.I got to hang with my boys today and that's all that matters to me! My life is not perfect. Me and the Mr fight, I lose my patience with my son, I say the wrong things, I yell..a lot, I hate to clean, my list could go on and on but Life is to short to dwell on the bad. When life throws you lemons you grab them by your BARE hand and you squeeze yourself a nice tall glass of lemonade and you sit down put your feet up and drink! Life is good. Here are some things that remind me to always be happy...

complete innocence


unconditional love. even when he thinks I am crazy

My boys

Saturday, February 6, 2010


It was my Birthday this week. I LOVE my Birthday :) This is how my day went..
I woke up to my sweet SON wearing a cheetah print headband while playing football ( I figure they cancel each other out so I let it go)
I love him
We dropped his little bum off at grandma and grandpa Clark's and Austin and I went and played! We shopped and then went and stayed in a cute little resort under Camelback mountain. (compliments of our American Express Points) It was this old Mediterranean mansion from the 1900's that was made into a resort and so darling! I was in heaven with all there Amazing Antiques!

We had dinner at T. Cooks the resorts restaurant and I ate and ate and ate. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
Pesto, tortellini,butter poached lobster, chocolate fudge cake, gelato.. I couldn't stop

The next morning we got up and hiked Camelback Mtn. It was a lot of fun and a Beautiful Day!

It was a GREAT Birthday!

And then it was back to real life...

Dang it I love this little Monster
Hope everyone had a great Week!