Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another year for the books...

Yesterday was Austin's Birthday! He turned 25 and I think he had a pretty dang good day!

It started off by a flight lesson. He wants to get his pilot license in the near future so I wet his appetite even more and I got him an introductory flight lesson! He flew a little 4 seater plane, pretty dang cool! They let me tag along and sit in the back. I was a little nervous.. but it was so much fun to watch him. They let him pretty much do it all(with instruction from his flight instructer of course) but the take off, land, the whole thing. It was awesome!

Another major highlight was his new 45 Caliber gun I got him. He LOVES it, to say the least. He took it everywhere with us yesterday and it slept by our bed last night.
And of course we had a little bit of this ( I got the recipe from Picky-Palate AMAZING)

And opened more of these

We also went to lunch and went to his little brothers championship football game... and froze! We were going to go to the State fair but our bodies were so frozen from the game we settled on grabbing some soup going home and watching some tv.(Our thin Arizona blood couldn't handle yesterday!) It was a great Day! We love you Austin, you are the greatest!!
Thanks Brooke for watching Daxey all day for us!

Dax is a Big Boy Now
On Tuesday we went and got Dax's much long overdue first haircut! He looks like a little man now! He was so good. Just sat and chilled with his sucker while she cut away.. It turned out pretty dang cute.He looks just like Dad now.

New Hair

(Excuse the food and tongue hanging out of the mouth)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Grass here we come!

This weekend Austin and I, and of course our sidekick Daxey Boy planted grass in our back yard! YES! We have lived in our house for over a year with a nice dirt lot in the back. I am so excited to have a place to send Dax out and play! After shoveling, raking, 2 loads of manure, 50 pounds of seed, & sweat.. we are done! I cant wait for grass!!

So for all those out there that expressed great concern for Dax getting his toenails painted DON'T worry.. he is ALL BOY, he loves to Play in the mud

play with swords



So after being in cow crap up to my elbows all day my sweet hubby took me on a DaTe!(babysitter & all)
We went and saw that new movie surrogate, we really liked it! It was really different and the part I loved the most was it wasn't filthy like Hollywood thinks it has to be to be a good movie anymore. It was good AND clean. Go see it..

Have a Great Week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Utah Weekend

For Conference weekend we decided to head up to Utah and visit my family for a few days. We are so glad we did! We had so much fun and it was so nice to get out of the heat in the nice crisp air and enjoy all the pretty leaves and the perks of fall that we don't get! We got to go to a BYU soccer game and football game, hung out in Park City for a day shopped at the outlets and rode the Alpine slide, watched my little bros football game, hung out with family and best of all enjoyed amazing conference Saturday and Sunday!

We love Cosmo! (Dax didn't so much)

Heading up on the chairlift... froze our little bums off!

Dax LOVED the slide!

our little stud