Monday, February 23, 2009

Lets talk Bachelor!!

Ok so I have to admit I think that everyone is right about Melissa being the new wifey of our beloved Jason. I just hope he is happy! What a drama filled night, I loved it!! haha there were some unbelievable women on this season. I still love Stephanie, she is so amazing. And Jillian, I sure hope they find happiness. So it looks like Jillian might be our next bachelorette eh?? We shall see. And for next week, I can hardly stand it!! Its going to be so juicy! And I just want to invite everyone out to my house for a....

Bachelor Season Finale PARTY!!!
Come over @ 6:55 with your favorite treat so we can shrill together over the last episode. Let me know if you can make it!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I know I have post like every day this week but I had to post about my little monster, this was such a big week for him! He got a big boy car seat, a highchair and can sit up all by himself perfectly! He loves all his new stuff and struts it like a big boy. Along with becoming "A big boy" he seems to be getting a "bigger attitude". He is starting to know what he wants and he makes sure we know and I am not sure mom likes it very much! But its so fun to watch each new thing he does so its ok, I just love him! How could it not be ok with a face like that? Is he not the cutest?? :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bridal Bliss

My last best friend got married last week. Jenn and her sweetheart got sealed for time and all eternity on Thursday. She was such a GORGEOUS bride and I am so proud of her. It was so neat to be in the temple finally with my 2 best girls. I feel so fortunate to have the church in my life and receive blessings from it everyday. I don't ever want to take for granted how lucky we are to be able to be with our families for eternity. Jenn and her new hubby are so perfect together and I love them both!!
P.S Jenn's sister Karissa did all the food ( + wedding cake) and I wish I had a picture of it because it was all AMAZING! She is a pastry chef and is so good at what she does. If anyone needs catering in the dessert department let me know, I'll get you her # :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am so ANGRY

Ok I am doing my 1st rant post ever because my husband is sick of listening to me so here we go.....
Jason Jason Jason!!! I am honestly like sick to my stomach.I have bitten off ALL of my nails this wonderful Monday evening. Bug eyes and Melissa? Really??? I cannot beleive that he got rid of Jillian. I have not really liked any of them but after everyone got voted off I had a little bit of hope of him finding some depth with Jillian, but no. I think he is so great and I was so excited for him to find this amazing woman that was real and and had depth to her and who was ready to be a mother, I just don't think Molly and Melissa have that. Melissa acts like she is 15 and still in high school and Molly just BUGS, kinda like her eyes. I am so mad and don't even want to watch the finale. (But of course I will because I am completely hooked) So I am putting my prediction in for Bug eyes and if its Melissa in 2 weeks that gets the ring, I have lost ALL respect for our Bachelor. Thank You stupid reality show for completely sucking me in and getting me so upset!


Well Aloha! I have been so busy this week I have not got our Hawaii pics up! So here we go (sorry there are so many)! We had so much fun. It was absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't believe how green it was! That was the first thing I noticed along with all the roosters EVERYWHERE. Its so funny they just run around like no big deal all over the island. Anyways We went with my mom and her 5 kids and just had a great time. We did lots of relaxing on the beach/pool, touring the island, visiting the waterfalls, eating, hiking, snorkeling and relaxing :) Our favorite thing we did was this all night luau that included a tour of there gardens(20 acres), the best all you can eat feast( they taught us how they cook there pigs in the ground wrapped in leaves) AMAZING! And then a show after which was all the Hawaiian woman and male dancers, fire juggling/eating/dancing, and all there native fun. It was so cool! The Hawaiians were so nice and we had a great vacation. Defiantly want to visit again... soon :)

These were the guys that pulled our cooked pigs out of the ground

Daddy and Dax loved chasing the peacocks

They loved playing in the sand together, it was so cute!

Love it!

We did a hike every morning that led down to this huge light house out on these cliffs. It was the most amazing place

drinking a coconut, not so good

This was out in front of this amazing huge cave that the lava made, pretty neat