Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Baby Shower!

I had the cutest little baby girl shower EVER last week! Thanks a million to my amazing friend Charde', sister-in-law Bree, and mother in law Delight. They did such a darling job on everything! It could not of been any cuter. It was so fun to have my house a full decorated GIRL HEAVEN instead of it being covered in trucks, trains, and motorcycles! :) Thanks to all the girls who came and made it such a fun evening.. I LOVED it. And I got some SUPER cute stuff. I cant wait to see her in everything! 5 days!!

We had a YUMMY Crepe bar with all the toppings.. bananas, strawberries,peanut butter, chocolate,cream cheese sauce, powdered sugar and whip cream... mmmm

Delight, Bree, and Grandma

Charde' and Stephanie.. old roommate's and great friends!

Jenn, Baby Arli, and Ryann

My cousins, Kim, Lindsey, and Steph

Delight made me this darling quilt to go in her crib (its a sneak peak of what her room colors are.. I cant wait to get it all done this week so I can post pictures!!) She is amazing. She also made me her famous burp cloths.. LOVE them.

My family is beyond talented and Bree made me the cutest headbands and leggings. She made this outfit out of old jeans and lace.. so STINKING CUTE!!


Devin & Ruthann said...

I can't believe I totally spaced it and forgot! Sorry Ashtyn! It looks like it was super cute!

Michele said...

Looks so fun! I can't wait to meet her:) I can't wait to see your nursery post!!! Good luck this week. You look awesome!!!

Brooke said...

It really was the cutest baby shower ever. I am so glad that Charde, Bree and Delight planned it. I would not have done it nearly as cute. I can't wait to meet Rocklyn. Love you!!

Lee Party of 2 said...

bree IS so stinking talented. i envy her! you look so beautiful as a pregnant mommmy! i'm so excited for you guys! hope i get to meet this baby of yours, and dax is ADORABLE! i can't get over his huge smile! best of luck to you guys.

Connie said...

So cute~! And no fair- you never got big! Even in white you look ultra tiny